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Day 430 #POVChallenge

Here’s a thought I want all of you to sit on tonight…
This fisherman goes out, catches 1 fish, goes home and cooks it and eats dinner with his family and enjoys a nice relaxing and unbothered evening with them.

One day… he runs into a guy and he asks him… “why don’t you catch more than 1 fish and sell the other at a market?”

The fisherman says… “why would I do that?”

The guy says… “so one day you can use those profits to buy bigger boat, you can catch more fish, then buy even more boats, and a team, and create a company out of it…”

Fisherman says… “Why would I do that?”

The guy says to him… “Well because 20 years or so down the road, you’ll be able to sell it for MILLIONS of dollars and you’ll be rich!

“Think about it… imagine having MILLIONS of dollars… You could do ANYTHING that makes you happy at that point!

The fisherman says…

“So after all those years of hard work… I could do what makes me happy?”

The guy says…

“YES! Anything you want!”

The fisherman says…

“Why waste all those years going through all that stress just so I could sell the business… go out on my boat, catch a single fish, bring it back to my family and have a nice dinner with them which is what actually makes me happy?”
At the end of the day, we all crave the same thing… peace, love, and happiness.
The journey to go on is YOUR choice.
So make sure whatever journey it is you choose…
That each day you’re finding happiness within it so you don’t just find it at the end.
Day 430 #povchallenge