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Meet Alex Urban

Alex Urban has been described with several adjectives over the years and the 27-years-old undoubtedly deserves all the accolades coming his way considering the feats he has achieved so far. One of the most significant achievements of the young marketing guru in recent times is helping one of the fastest-growing apparel companies in America, Lions Not Sheep scale  from $0 to $11,400,000 in sales in 19 months, as the CMO.

The importance of branding and marketing to the success of an organization, irrespective of the industry, cannot be overemphasized. Unfortunately, many businesses still fail to effectively address their marketing campaign to capture the market and stay ahead of the competition due to the application of obsolete and ineffective strategies. However, some names have been able to carve a niche in the field, with the likes of Alex Urban practically challenging the status quo to set new standards in the world of e-commerce and marketing.

Clients Alex Has Worked With